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Vaartha Naveena Kamasutra Article 24-2-2008
Vaartha Naadi Article 9-4-2008
Indiatoday 22 Feb, 2005.
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Indiatoday 22 Feb, 2005.
Indiatoday 22 Feb, 2005.
Vidhya Magazine 16-31 Jan2005.
Indiatoday Magazine 27sep2005.
Vidhya Magzine coverstory Magazine 16th jan2005.
Andhra Bhoomi Interview 5-3-1992
Andhra Bhoomi Interview 29-10-1992
Andhra Bhoomi Weekly Adduction column From 12-03-1992 to 04-10-2001 Every Week and Sunday supliment Cover stories-2.
Andhra Prabha Sunday Supplement Health Column (Currently Running ) and cover stories-4.
Andhra Jyothi Daily Navya Pillow talks-24 and Hello doctor-15.
Jyothi Chitra Film Weekly Sexbeat 54 weeks.
Chitram Film Magzine From to.
Vaarta Sunday Supplement Naveena Kamasutra From 2001 Sep to (Currently Running).
and Naadi-50.
Deccan Chorincle.
Sunday Chornical-6.
Vishala andhra Daily.
Indian Express.
Science express-10.
Health Hints-5.
Maa Family Doctor -110.
Anjali Monthly Weekly-12.
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